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Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees Summer 2019 – Spring 2020

Per-unit tuition below represents the tuition charged for students enrolling in a class in a given category. That is, tuition is based on the level and school and department of the class, not the program of the student. For example, if you enroll in a 500-level School of Theology class, you pay the rate for 500-level classes in that school, no matter what program you are in. If you enroll in a 500-level School of Psychology class, you pay that rate, no matter what your program is.

School of Theology
500-level (MA, MDiv, ThM) $425.00 per unit
700-level (DMin) $425.00 per unit
700-level (DMin Korean Program) $425.00 per unit
800-level (ThM, PhD) $780.00 per unit
PhD, ThM Continuation Fee+ $250.00 per quarter
School of Intercultural Studies
500-level (MA) $425.00 per unit
600-level (ThM Korean Program) $545.00 per unit
700-level (DMin Korean Program) $425.00 per unit
700-level (DMiss/DIS) $545.00 per unit
800-level (PhD) $780.00 per unit
PhD, ThM, DMiss Continuation fee++ $250.00 per quarter
School of Psychology
500-level (MS, MA) $455.00 per unit
800-level (PsyD, PhD) $660.00 per unit
PhD, PsyD Continuation Fee+ $500.00 per quarter
Special Fees
New Student Fee* $50.00
Student Service Fee (per quarter) $25.00
eResource Fee (per quarter) $30.00
Late Registration Fee $30.00
Hybrid+ Course Fee $100.00
ESL Placement Exam $100.00
Touchstone (IS500) Materials Fee $40.00
Parking (per quarter – Pasadena)** $48.95
Parking (per day – Pasadena) $4.00
Late Payment Fee $250.00
Graduation Fee $90.00

*Charged on the Pasadena campus only, the first time you register for a course for credit at Fuller

** Additional processing/ transaction fees may apply.

+Continuation Fees are required for Ph.D./PsyD/ThM students when they are not registering for course units in a particular quarter (except Summer quarters).

++Continuation Fees are required for Ph.D./ThM/KDMiss students when they are not registering for course units in a particular quarter (except Summer quarters). DMiss/ DIS students who are not registering for their next cohort term are also charged the Continuation Fee.

Fuller Seminary reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time.

Tuition Refund Policy

The tuition refund policy varies by length of course. To meet these deadlines, any registration or course change must be completed online by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on the day indicated below. There is no refund of audit charges.

Ten-week classes (including all courses which do not have a regular meeting schedule, such as field education and directed studies)

  • 100-percent refund: Friday, 1st week of the quarter
  • 75-percent refund: Friday, 2nd week
  • 50-percent refund: Friday, 3rd week
  • 25-percent refund: Friday, 4th week

Weekend classes (meeting for a series of weekends, Friday night and Saturday, or just Saturday)

  • 100-percent refund: Wednesday after the 1st weekend
  • 50-percent refund: Friday of the 2nd weekend

Five-week classes

  • 100-percent refund: Wednesday after the 1st week
  • 75-percent refund: Monday of the 2nd week
  • 50-percent refund: Wednesday, 2nd week
  • 25-percent refund: Monday, 3rd week
  • No refund after Monday, 3rd week

Two-week classes

  • 100-percent refund: Tuesday, 1st week
  • 75-percent refund: Wednesday, 1st week
  • 50-percent refund: Thursday, 1st week
  • 25-percent refund: Friday, 1st week
  • No refund after Friday, 1st week

One-week classes

  • 100-percent refund: Monday (1st day)
  • 75-percent refund: Tuesday (2nd day)
  • 50-percent refund: Wednesday (3rd day)
  • No refund after Wednesday (3rd day)

Government Loans and Tuition Refund. Students who have received government loan monies (i.e., Direct Unsubsidized and Direct Grad PLUS Loans) for quarters in which they drop below half-time enrollment may owe a refund to their lender. Contact the Student Financial Services Office for details.

Three-Day Cancellation Policy

Applicants to the MSMFT program in Arizona sign an enrollment agreement and submit a tuition deposit. An applicant who provides written notice of cancellation within three days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and federal and state holidays) of signing an enrollment agreement is entitled to a refund of all monies paid. The full refund will be provided by the seminary within 30 days of receiving the notice of cancellation.

Tuition Payment Policy

Payment of Tuition and Fees
Before students are allowed to register for an upcoming quarter, any outstanding student account balance from the current/previous quarter must be paid. Students whose tuition, housing or other seminary accounts are not current will not be able to register for the next quarter, receive diplomas, or have transcripts issued.

Payment Due Dates. Payment of tuition and all fees are due by 4 p.m. PST the first Monday of each quarter, except for DMIN students who should pay by the starting date of their course. Charges placed on the student account after the first Monday of the quarter are due immediately. If you have third-party making payments on your behalf, be sure they are aware of the payment deadlines to avoid being charged the Late Payment Fee and interest charges.

Payment Methods. Students and third-parties are encouraged to make payments online through the Student Account Center.

Credit card, Debit card (ATM), e-check (ABA Bank Account), as well as international money transfers through Flywire, can be made online. In-person payments by cash, paper check, and money orders are accepted at the Student Financial Services office in Pasadena.

Fuller has contracted with TouchNet PayPath, a third-party company, to provide online credit card processing services for tuition and fees charged to the student account. Visa, MasterCard, Discover (including JCB, Diners Pay & China Union Network), and American Express are accepted for payment. All student account credit card transactions will incur a 2.85% nonrefundable service fee (with the minimum fee being $3.00). The Credit Card FAQ can is available at http://fuller.edu/Offices/SFS/Credit-Card-Service-Fee-FAQ/. Please note, however, that Colorado students cannot use this service due to state law.

Security measures require that all credit card, debit card, and e-check transactions be made online, including those conducted by a third-party; phone and in-person payments are not accepted.

Late Payment Fee. A $250 Late Payment Fee may be assessed each quarter to accounts that have not paid their balance in full by the Payment Due Date, and have not signed up for a Fuller Tuition Payment Plan or do not have enough financial aid to pay their remaining balance due.

Fuller Tuition Payment Plan. Fuller offers the Fuller Tuition Payment Plan (FTPP) to students who would like to make monthly payments to their student account instead of paying the full balance due at one time. Signing up for a FTPP allows you to pay the tuition and fees for that quarter in monthly installments over a period of one or two months (the English DIS and DMIN are usually three months), depending on when you register and sign up for the plan. The nonrefundable quarterly fee for this service is $40 and a student is not responsible for any interest that accrues while they are on the payment plan. Payments are made directly to Fuller via automatic withdrawal, mail, or online. Payments are typically due the 5th of each month and a fee of $35 is charged for each late payment.

After registering for classes, you may sign up for the payment plan online through the Student Account Center. When you sign up, your balance due (tuition and fees less any expected Fuller financial aid) for the quarter will be calculated. Your payment plan balance will be updated regularly to reflect registration changes, payments, or any other activity on your student account. Payments made prior to the start of a quarter/term will not adjust your plan amount until the actual start date of the quarter/term. A notification email advising you of any changes to your plan and payment reminders will be sent to your @fuller.edu email account.

Financial Aid. Students who have a current and fully processed financial aid application on file can use their financial aid (scholarships and/or student loans) to pay their student account balance, subject to any Federal limitations. If your estimated financial aid will pay for your entire student account balance due, then you do not need to make any other payment; your account will be paid automatically when your financial aid is disbursed Otherwise, you must arrange to pay the remaining amount due either by the Payment Due Date or by signing up for the Fuller Tuition Payment Plan.

Military Benefits. Students who wish to use their Military Benefits must make arrangements in advance. Please see the VA http://fuller.edu/offices/sfs/va-benefits/ and Active Duty Tuition Assistance and other non-VA benefits https://www.fuller.edu/offices/sfs/military-tuition-assistance-benefits/ web pages for more information.

Agreement to Pay. Your enrollment in the seminary constitutes your agreement to pay for all tuition, fees and other charges, including interest, placed upon your student account. Unpaid account balances will accrue interest at the annual rate of 10% (.0834% per month) and a hold will be placed on your account until full payment has been made.

Additional information about the seminary’s Student Account policies is available in the Student Handbook.

Overdue Accounts Policy

Students whose tuition, housing or bookstore accounts are not current will not be able to register for the next quarter, receive diplomas, or have transcripts issued. The seminary, in accordance with its goals of maintaining only current student accounts and encouraging faithful financial stewardship among students, may turn any student account that is delinquent 45 or more days over to a professional collection agency. Once the account is transferred to a professional agency, you then have to deal directly with that agency. At that point, Fuller Seminary can no longer negotiate with you about the account in question. Turning an account over to collections will adversely affect your credit standing. If you foresee problems in making payments, contact Student Financial Services so they can try to help you work things out before they have to take such drastic measures.

All Catalogs > 2019-2020 > Registration > Tuition & Fees