2019-2020 Academic Catalog

Distance Learning

Fuller Theological Seminary’s innovative, fully accredited distance learning master’s and doctoral-level courses give women and men the opportunity to study at any time, from anywhere in the world, providing students with options that fit their individual schedules and learning styles. Distance Learning offers convenience and flexibility, as well as the quality and depth of learning that is a part of every Fuller Seminary class.

Program Opportunities

Fuller’s Master of Arts in Global Leadership and Doctor of Intercultural Studies can be earned entirely online. These degree programs allow existing leaders in ministry, mission, and parachurch organizations to remain in their leadership positions while they learn. The unique cohort design creates learning communities of pastors and other Christian leaders who learn to lead transformationally and missionally engage our world.

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies, Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry, Master of Arts in Theology, and the Master of Divinity can be earned entirely through online classes, or with any combination of campus-based and online coursework. The Certificate in Christian Studies from the School of Theology or School of Intercultural Studies can be earned entirely online.

Fuller Online

Fuller Online (FOL) courses allow students to study a range of theological and missional subjects via a highly interactive platform over the Internet, with weekly interaction during an 11-week course period.

Fuller Online also focuses on creating learning communities where those who cannot be residential students or who wish to remain in their current ministry can find a deeper level of discussion and interaction with their peers and professors.