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International Students

International students on F-1 and J-1 visas are required to maintain valid visa status throughout their stay at Fuller Seminary. To do so they must comply with all federal regulations pertaining to their visa status including, but not limited to, registering for a full course load each academic quarter. At this time, the J-1 and F-1 visas are only available for study at the Pasadena campus and can only be issued to students beginning their studies during the Fall Quarter each year.

Fuller Seminary considers any student who is not a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States and studying at Fuller with a non-immigrant visa to be an “international student”. Fuller Seminary is a SEVIS approved school, authorized by the USCIS to issue certificate of eligibility documents for the F-1 student visa (I-20) and the J-1 Exchange Visitor visa (DS-2019).

International students who need either an I-20 or a DS-2019 form to apply for a student visa must be accepted for admission to Fuller and provide a financial guarantee for themselves and all dependents who will accompany them to the United States. The financial guarantee must be from the source(s) that will actually provide the funds for the student’s study and living expenses. This can be done by: (a) showing that they are sponsored by a responsible Christian organization which will commit itself to guarantee the necessary support and round-trip transportation for the student and his or her dependents (if they are to accompany the student to the seminary); or (b) demonstrating by a letter from a bank or savings institution that the student has on deposit sufficient funds to cover tuition, other school fees, living expenses for the student and family, and round-trip airfare; or (c) providing the same proof from other individuals or organizations who wish to contribute to the student’s support. If the dependents are remaining in their home country, the seminary strongly recommends that appropriate financial arrangements be made to care for them during the entire time the student is away, in addition to the student’s expenses in the United States.

International applicants who require either an F-1 or J-1 visa should submit their application for admission by March 31 of each year, or at least six months prior to the quarter in which they intend to enroll, and can only begin on-campus studies during the Fall Quarter of each year. The application file should be completed (including transcripts, financial guarantees, etc.) at least 90 days before the student’s planned date of arrival to allow sufficient time for the visa application process. International applicants are required to submit official documentation of all postsecondary (college/university level) education.

Appropriate visa documents (I-20 or DS-2019) will be sent to the student upon admission to Fuller and receipt of an acceptable financial guarantee. The student may be required to deposit in advance to the seminary a portion of the financial guarantee to ensure that sufficient funds are available for initial housing and registration expenses upon the student’s arrival in the United States. Questions regarding visas should be addressed to the International Services Office, by phone at 626-584-5396, by fax at 626-584-5308, or by email at iso@fuller.edu.

English Language Requirements

If English is not your native language and if all of your secondary and post-secondary education was not taught in English, you are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic Format as part of your application to Fuller Theological Seminary. Scores must be less than two years old.

The Admissions Committee reserves the right to require an official TOEFL or IELTS score for any applicant if the written application materials do not demonstrate the necessary level of English language proficiency for graduate-level study.

The latest information on English language requirements for admission to programs at Fuller may be found on the Fuller website at http://www.fuller.edu/admissions/apply/english-language-req.aspx.

All Catalogs > 2019-2020 > Admissions > International Students