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Certificate Programs


The Certificate of Christian Studies offers students an opportunity to complete a personalized, short-term nondegree program to meet a wide range of goals, from training for a specific church or parachurch ministry to personal and spiritual enrichment. It can be designed as a focused course of study or a sampling of master’s-level courses from the Schools of Theology, Intercultural Studies, or Psychology. By enrolling in convenient daytime or evening courses at any Fuller location, or in any of the courses available through Fuller’s Distance Learning Programs, or any combination of these, students pursuing the certificate can gain an introduction to theological, biblical, or missiological basics at the graduate level. The program may help students assess the possibility of pursuing a seminary degree. Although the certificate is not awarded to students already admitted to degree programs, all courses earned toward a certificate can be credited toward a degree program upon later admission to that program (if appropriate to the curriculum).

Admission standards for the Certificate of Christian Studies are the same as for admission to a master’s degree program.

The Certificate of Christian Studies requires the completion of six master’s-level courses (24 units). All work must be completed at Fuller; no transfer credit is accepted toward the certificate. At least 16 units must be taken in the School of Theology to earn the certificate from that school. All work for the certificate must be completed within seven years.

All Catalogs > 2018-2019 > School of Theology > Certificate Programs