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Registration for Classes

Regular attendance in any seminary class is not permitted unless the person is registered for the class.

Fall Quarter. Online registration for returning students begins near the end of August (the 10th week of Summer quarter), about five weeks before classes begin. New student registration begins the following week. Both groups of students are scheduled according to a priority system. Students can register any time after their priority time, but if they do not register before the first day of the quarter, a $30 late registration fee is charged.

Other Quarters. Registration for returning students for other quarters begins the eighth week of the previous quarter. The same priority system is used to schedule registration times. New students register beginning the ninth week of the previous quarter (see New Student Registration). Students can register anytime after their priority time, but if they do not register before the first day of the quarter, a $30 late registration fee is charged.

Registration and Course Change Deadlines. Students can make changes in their schedule by adding or dropping classes online at any time within the established deadlines as published on the Registrar’s Office website (www.fuller.edu/registrar). To meet the deadlines, any registration or course change must be done online by 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on the day indicated in the current academic calendar. All registrations (including apprenticeships, directed studies, internships, theses, dissertations, continuations, etc.) are subject to these registration deadlines.

All new students must meet with their academic advisor before they will be able to register. Returning students are not required to meet with an advisor (unless they are on academic probation), but are encouraged to do so. The staff of each academic advising office is composed of professional advisors who are trained to assist students in long-range course schedule planning and in meeting their academic program requirements for graduation. They also provide up-to-date information regarding policies, evaluate and process transfer credits, and discuss academic issues and concerns.

Schedule Restrictions

Students are not permitted to enroll in classes that conflict in scheduled meeting times, in whole or in part, with other classes. This includes intensive classes that conflict with regular 10-week classes. Also, students are not permitted to register in more than one two-week intensive in a given two-week period. These limitations are designed to provide the best possible educational experience.


Students enrolled in any of Fuller’s degree programs, or their spouses, are permitted to audit master’s-level classes in all three schools for a fee of $50 per course, as long as the student is enrolled for credit, or has been during the previous four quarters. Fuller graduates are invited to audit master’s-level courses without charge. Other persons will be charged $250 per course. Enrollment as an auditor is subject to all limitations of class size, the priority of students enrolled for credit, prerequisites for the class, any special requirements for auditing a particular class, and the exclusion of auditors from a particular class or a given type of class.

Any person who is not a current student must apply for audit-only status and pay an audit application fee. Persons not enrolled as students at Fuller who wish to audit classes must normally hold a B.A. degree or its equivalent. Audits are not recorded for audit-only students, nor is any permanent record kept. Audits are not recorded on the transcripts of students in degree programs.

All Catalogs > 2018-2019 > Registration