2018-2019 Academic Catalog


Time Limits for Completion of Degrees

In order to ensure that a degree, when granted, represents education that is reasonably focused (not acquired a little at a time over an unreasonably long period of time) and current, requirements for a degree must normally represent credit earned within a certain period of time. This period includes any credit earned elsewhere and applied to the degree, as well as all credit earned at Fuller. Time limits for completion are listed along with the requirements for each degree or certificate in the various sections of this catalog.


The prescribed course of study as outlined in the curriculum for each degree program must be satisfactorily completed.

In order to graduate it is required that a student be in good academic standing as defined earlier in this section of the catalog. Some programs have higher standards which apply. These are described in the appropriate sections of this catalog and in the student handbooks for the three schools and the various degree programs.

Students are responsible for meeting the graduation requirements set forth in the catalog published at the time of their matriculation for the degree which they are seeking. Students who change programs are responsible for meeting the graduation requirements in effect when they request the change. Students who do not register for a period of more than one year (four consecutive quarters) must apply for reinstatement and are subject to the graduation requirements in effect at the time of their reinstatement.

In addition to academic requirements for graduation, students must receive the endorsement of the faculty responsible for the degree program in which they are enrolled that they have acted responsibly in attempting to live in accord with standards of wholesome Christian character and with the general standards of the institution, as well as those of the particular program in which they are involved.

It is also necessary for students to present a satisfactory clearance of accounts prior to graduation. Students who have not made satisfactory financial arrangements will not have access to any student services, including transcripts, degree checks, diploma, transfer, or enrollment for another degree program.

Students anticipating graduation must complete an Application for Graduation. This should be done at the time of the advising appointment for registration for the quarter prior to the student’s final quarter (i.e. , two quarters before the intended graduation date). Applications must be submitted no later than March 1 in order to be included in that year’s Commencement activities in any way. Students who for any reason do not complete their degree requirements within the quarter for which they apply must reapply for graduation.

In order to qualify for graduation in a given quarter, all work must be completed and all requirements met by the official graduation date for that quarter. Classes which do not end within the quarter do not qualify for graduation in that quarter. Work completed under Incompletes and Holds applies to graduation in the quarter in which it is actually completed, not the quarter in which the course was originally taken.

Degrees are recorded quarterly. The last day of the quarter as indicated by the academic calendar is considered to be the official date of graduation.

Commencement. Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises are held in Pasadena at the end of the Spring Quarter. Commencement exercises are also held at most regional campuses. Students who have graduated in the most recent Summer, Fall or Winter quarters and have not already attended Commencement are invited to participate, as are those who apply for graduation in the current Spring Quarter. The deadline for applying for graduation in order to participate in Commencement is March 1. Students who expect to graduate at the end of the Summer Quarter may also participate, subject to certain limitations (see below). Participation in Commencement exercises is not equivalent to the conferral of the degree, which is official only when faculty approval has been given, the Registrar’s Office has determined that all academic requirements have been met, and satisfactory financial arrangements have been made.

Special Commencement Participation Policies. A special policy permits master’s-level students who have no more than 20 units of course work (not to include theses or dissertations, qualifying exams, etc.) to complete during the Summer quarter to participate in the June Commencement exercises. The deadline for application is March 1. Special conditions apply. Copies of the policy may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office and academic advising offices.