2018-2019 Academic Catalog



Grades have been assigned the following numerical values for the purpose of computing the grade point average:

B+ 3.3 C+ 2.3
A 4.0 B 3.0 C 2.0 F 0.0
A- 3.7 B- 2.7 C- 1.7

All other grades, including P (Pass), SA (Satisfactory), NS (Not Satisfactory), I (Incomplete), H (Hold), IE (Incomplete Extended), HE (Hold Extended), IP (In Progress), and RD (Report Delayed) are not computed in the student’s grade point average. The grades CR (Credit) and NC (No Credit), which were used until Fall 1993, also are not computed in the grade point average.

Incompletes. A student whose work in a master’s-level course is not completed at the end of the quarter may request a grade of Incomplete by returning a Request for Incomplete, signed by the professor, to the Registrar’s Office by the end of the last day of the quarter. Each faculty member decides whether the nature and amount of the work not finished at the end of the quarter warrants an incomplete grade for the course, a reduction in grade, or a grade of F. The policy for the course is to be stated clearly in the course syllabus. Incompletes may be granted only when the student’s work in the course has not been completed due to extenuating circumstances, such as personal illness of more than a brief duration; illness in the family that has required the studentís attention; death in the family; personal or family crisis of a traumatic nature; or unexpected increase in job responsibilities.

If the Incomplete grade is granted, the completed course work is due to the professor by the end of the last day of the following quarter. Grade penalties for work completed during this period may be assessed if such a policy has been clearly described in the syllabus for the course. If the work is not completed within this time, the faculty member determines whether a reduced grade or a grade of F is warranted, based on the policy published in the course syllabus. The Incomplete must be resolved to a regular grade (A through C- or F) at this time; the grade of Incomplete cannot remain on the record. Further extensions of time are not granted.

Holds. A student enrolled in 700-level or 800-level classes whose work is not completed at the end of the quarter of registration, may request a “Hold” grade from the professor. This allows one additional quarter to complete the work (except for DMin courses and certain clinical psychology courses, which allow up to one year). Unless an extension is granted (by the academic affairs committee of the school or program), the completed work must be submitted to the professor no later than the last day of the second quarter, and a grade must be submitted; the Hold grade cannot remain.

Pass/Fail Option

Students in the MA in Theology, MA in Theology and Ministry, and MA in Intercultural Studies programs may choose to take up to 4 courses(16 units) of the degree program on a pass/fail basis. Students in the Master of Divinity program may choose to take up to 6 courses(24 units) on a pass/fail basis.Transfer credit is considered part of this pass/fail allotment, since it is transferred without grades. Each 4 units of transfer credit counts as one pass/fail course. Psychology doctoral students may exercise this option in their regular MA or MDiv courses. In all School of Psychology programs, only certain of the marriage and family or clinical psychology course work (courses designated as only Pass/Fail, such as the internship and dissertation) may be taken Pass/Fail. Students not enrolled in a degree program may exercise the Pass/Fail option at a rate of one course in four.

The professor submits a grade for courses in which the Pass/Fail option is selected, but the student’s transcript is marked with either a P (pass) or F for the course. For students seeking to be removed from academic probation, the actual grades submitted will be taken into account in determining good academic standing. Students who select the Pass/Fail option may request, on an appointment basis, to be informed of their actual grade in a course, but that grade can never be recorded on the transcript or reported in any way outside the seminary.

Students may choose the Pass/Fail option when registering. Changes in status may be made through the end of the day Friday of the first week of the quarter for ten-week courses; through the end of the first Tuesday in one- and two-week intensive classes; and through Wednesday of the first week of five-week sessions; and through Wednesday after the first weekend in weekend classes Changes must be made through the online registration.

Permanent Academic Record

All grades recorded become a permanent part of the student’s academic history. If a student receives a failing grade, that grade will remain on the record. If such a course is retaken, the new registration and grade will also be recorded on the student’s permanent record.

After a period of two years, it is presumed that both student and faculty member have had ample opportunity to be aware of the grade recorded and to see that any appropriate adjustment has been made. At this point any grade recorded becomes permanent and cannot be changed.