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Community Standards

Men and women of God are suited for Christian service by moral character as well as by academic achievement and spiritual gifts. Among their qualifications should be compassion for individual persons, sensitivity to the needs of the communities of which they are a part, a commitment to justice, a burden that the whole of God’s will be obeyed on earth, personal integrity, a desire for moral growth, and mutual accountability. Students and employees at Fuller Theological Seminary are expected to exhibit these moral characteristics.

The ethical standards of Fuller Theological Seminary are guided by an understanding of Scripture and a commitment to its authority regarding all matters of Christian faith and living. The seminary community also desires to honor and respect the moral tradition of the churches who entrust students to us for education. These moral standards encompass every area of life, but prevailing confusion about specific areas leads the community to speak clearly about them. Students receiving training in a discipline for which there are professional ethical standards are subject to those as well.

Enrollment in or employment by Fuller Theological Seminary includes a commitment by each individual to adhere to all of the seminary’s published policies and ethical standards.

Seven statements of community standards are affirmed by all trustees, faculty, administrators/managers, staff, and students of the seminary. These are:

  1. Academic Integrity
  2. Marriage and Divorce
  3. Respect for People and Property
  4. Sexual Standards
  5. Substance Abuse
  6. Policy Against Sexual Harassment
  7. Policy Against Unlawful Discrimination

In the application of these community standards, the seminary urges the practice of loving verbal confrontation when any member of a Christian community feels that another member is living in violation of what the Bible teaches about Christian conduct. The seminary, therefore, encourages individuals to follow, where feasible, the steps of verbal confrontation and dialogue described in Matthew 18:15-22.

The seminary encourages any of its community who are in special need to seek education and counsel. The seminary is committed to extending Christian love to those involved in strife, marital conflict, or the struggle for sexual identity; and to demonstrating the personal forgiveness available through Christ for all human failure.

The use of seminary disciplinary procedures should always be viewed as a last resort. In no way do they exempt the seminary from making every possible effort to guide the honest pursuit of truth, to encourage wholesome approaches to sexuality, to support stable family life, or to model community relationships that convey respect for people and property.

All Catalogs > 2017-2018 > Introduction > Community Standards